Please note that due to the popularity of our product and due to the corona Virus we have no bulk product available. We are still able to supply the Aerosol cans.

KNOCKOUT RUST PROOFING  | KO-66 The Penetrating Rust Hunter

KO-66 is a unique rust proofing formula designed to prevent rust and to penetrate minor outbreaks of rust that have already occurred.

KO-66's rust proofing formula consists of several different penetrating and lubricating ingredients including LANOLIN and FISH OIL. KO-66 has a bituminous base, giving it that renowned sticking ability. It has a wax component which seals off the treated area, leaving the inner ingredients to stay moist and active to continue their penetrating and rust preventing work. Knock-out rust® proofing is a heavy duty product ideal for boat trailers & marine gear exposed to the harsh elements, car doors, sills, pillars, under mudguards, sub-frames, and all those hard to get at places that rust may occur. KO-66 is also suitable as an open gear lube & wire rope protection. As an example of its use, KO-66 is able to seek out a hairline fault in your cars paint, going to work in those areas of your car that are sweated together. These areas have a tendency to move and open up as a car begins to work, cracking the paint and leaving the area unprotected to the predator rust.

KO-66 is ideal for:


  • Motor Vehicles

  • Inside lower doors

  • Pillars & Sills

  • Chassis

  • Under Guards

  • australian-flag-mapCaravan Sub-Frames

  • Boat Trailers

  • Marine

  • Wire rope

  • Farm Implements

  • Mining & Construction equipment

  • Open Gear Lube


 KO-66 Rust Proofing may be sprayed, brushed or dipped.

Available in a 350g spray can, and 5 and 20 litre containers.

For wholesale orders please email NOTE: This product is not a rust converter. The formula is specifically designed to PREVENT and INHIBIT the spread of oxidisation.